10 (+1) Most Popular Misconceptions about Coffee That

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Given its popularity, too many myths about this universal favorite have been doing the rounds for over decades. The extent to which these myths have consolidated over the years is such that most people believe and spread these misconceptions without giving them a second thought.


However, almost all of these popular beliefs fail to offer any scientific explanation for their existence. Here is a list of some of the most popular beliefs about coffee you wouldn’t think were false!

Coffee causes Insomnia

Myth: Most people are apprehensive about having a cup of coffee in the afternoon or the evening. The reason being that they fear the stimulating effect of coffee will negatively impact their sleep at night by causing insomnia.

Truth: If you consume a small amount of caffeine, say a cup of coffee in the afternoon or early evening at around 3 pm, almost all of it gets flushed out form your system by the night. A post-lunch cup of coffee gets processed at a lightning speed by the liver!

The Hotter, The Better

Myth: People often tend to use boiling water, over 200 degrees Fahrenheit while brewing a cup of hot coffee. The think that doing so would somehow add to its taste failing to realize that they often end up with a bunt taste!

Truth: The ideal temperature at which you should have coffee should be somewhere between 130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are going anywhere above it, you will run the risk of extracting some of the bitter oils from coffee thanks to the boiling water.

Coffee can make you sober

Myth: Most people think that having a cup of coffee after consuming alcohol can help them sober up. Coffee does to some extent help in making a person who is tipsy feel alert.

Truth: Research has shown that contrary to what is believed coffee can never help negate the effects of alcohol. A study by American Psychological Association in fact explains how risky it is to have coffee followed by alcohol. The combined stimulating effect of the two makes people think that they are in a better position to handle dangerous situations like drinking and driving!

Coffee aids weight loss!

Myth: This has to be The Most Popular misconception regarding coffee. Most people think that consuming fairly large amounts of caffeine will help them lose weight quickly.

Truth:  Practically coffee can only aid your body to perform better during workouts by increasing your adrenaline levels, that too when consumed before a workout. Therefore, anyone planning for a weight loss by depending more on coffee and less on workouts is highly mistaken!

Coffee has a negative impact on one’s growth

Myth: The origins of this bizarre myth are untraceable. It is hard to understand why anyone actually came up with it at the first place!

Truth: No scientific study till date has concluded that coffee really has the potential to stunt a person’s growth.

Coffee is bad for pregnant women

Myth: Coffee definitely doesn’t lead to miscarriages, infertility o low birth weight though it is advisable that would-be mothers don’t go over 200mg of caffeine in a single day. However, no side effects of going over the suggested limit have been discovered yet.

Truth: Another baseless rumor that has no concrete scientific backing. If you have been consuming coffee on a daily basis, it is highly unlikely that it will lead to any difficulties during pregnancy.

Coffee may cause Osteoporosis

Myth: Osteoporosis is the result of a number of unhealthy habits such as a diet lacking in calcium and vitamins, reduced physical activity, smoking, menopause, low estrogen levels.

Truth: Studies have proved that coffee has no role to play in causing Osteoporosis and consuming it on a daily basis doesn’t increase the chances of having Osteoporosis either.

Coffee is addictive

Myth: Some people are highly dependent on coffee, claiming that they are addicted to it. They believe that it would be impossible for them to go through the day without 3 to 4 cups of coffee.

Truth: Research has shown that coffee consumption, no matter how high, does not qualify to be an addiction. One important feature of addiction is that it leads to withdrawal symptoms. While coffee might leave people craving for it, it has never been known to have led to any withdrawal symptoms. Neither does coffee, like alcohol, ever lead to any severe social or physical consequences

Coffee may lead to Cancer

Myth: Over time, perhaps due to the increasing cases of cancer in all parts of the world, people have come to believe that regular consumption of coffee is one of the reasons behind cancer.

Truth: No amount of scientific research has managed to establish this as a fact with a few researches even claiming just the opposite. People who consume coffee regularly are found to be at a lower risk of cancer because of the antioxidants present in it.

Coffee impacts your looks negatively

Myth: People tend to think that coffee, by compromising with their beauty sleep (which is another misconception!) effects their looks negatively, leading to fine lines, crow’s feet and especially dark circles.

Truth: Researches have claimed that coffee reverses the process of ageing and has the power to make you look much younger as compared to your actual age!

You don’t need coffee to get out of bed!

Myth: Coffee is the first thing you need in the morning to kick start your day. For many people the idea of getting out of bed without coffee does not even exist.

Truth: The fact however is, our body naturally produces a stress hormone called cortisol when you wake up in the morning at around 7 am to make you feel charged and alert. And because of this you can easily do without that morning cup of coffee.

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