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It is all about coffee! If you are anything like us you know, that coffee is the very foundation of a good day, right?

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Finding the Best Thermos for Keeping Coffee Hot

Keep each other warm with some coffee on your chilly hike! There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee that can really get you going in the morning. But having your caffeine to go can be difficult if you don’t have the proper to-go mug to keep you moving! If you’re one of […]

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Is Espresso Stronger than Coffee?

For many people, the best and perhaps the only way to begin the day is with a fresh cup of espresso. Espresso has the ability to get the heart pumping making sure that you begin the day with a jolt. Now, if you’ve never had a cup of espresso before, or if coffee has only […]

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Is Cold Brew Stronger than Hot Brew Coffee?

If you’re not a die-hard coffee aficionado or if you’re the type of coffee drinker who would settle for instant coffee in a pack, then you might be surprised to hear that the ice-cold coffee you see at many cafés can actually be made at home. Now you’re wondering about the flavor. You’re probably asking, […]

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Difference Between Cappucino and Macchiato You May Not Know

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably ordered different types, such as the cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and ristretto, asides from your favorite cup of coffee. However, have you ever wondered why some of those types actually appear strikingly similar? For instance, at first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between cappuccino […]

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Best Home Espresso Machines – Our Top Picks for 2019

Looking for the Best Home Espresso Makers? Here are our top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect espresso machine for your needs. Coffee is the energy fuel for many, and for the true coffee lovers it narrows down to texture, aroma, and taste. Buying a home espresso […]

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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker – Top Picks and Reviews 2017!

Single serve machines are rightly termed as the “busy man’s” coffee machine. They combine easy operation and convenience to create a complete package. But with so many machines, buying the one that meets your need may feel like an overwhelming process. We at Freshpresso, have done the research for you, and would like to give […]

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Best Coffee Grinders – Tips and Reviews

Why use a Coffee Grinder? As you progress on your journey to find that perfect cup of coffee, you will quickly find that a coffee grinder is one of the required keys to unlocking the potential in your coffee beans. Perhaps even more important than the freshness of your beans is how well your coffee […]

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Is Coffee Bad For Your Kidneys

Is Coffee Bad For Your Kidneys?

When someone asks the million dollar question, is coffee bad for your kidneys, the answer should start with a clarification. Most experts agree that coffee beans are not inherently bad or good for health. It is the caffeine which makes the question more complicated. A Natural Stimulant Is coffee bad for your kidneys should read […]

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Keurig Troubleshooting : 7 Common Problems and How to Fix them

A cup of good coffee can make your day. However, unsavory coffee experiences can dent your mood and ruin it for you. If you saunter over to your Keurig coffee maker in the morning, only to find it behaving oddly, chances are you’d be shaken off your sleep in the wrong coffee. From the machine […]

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Can Coffee Cause Heartburn

Can Coffee Cause Heartburn?

The answer to the question can coffee cause heartburn or not, has to be a resounding yes. As one of the many known triggers of acid indigestion, coffee is high on the list of potential culprits. What is Heartburn? To understand what can coffee cause heartburn, first one has to establish what that condition is […]

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