20 Most Influential Coffee Bloggers That You Should Be Following

Is your daily dose of java just not enough for you? Are you looking for a little extra?

Perhaps some latest news from the coffee industry? Reviews of the best beans and blends?

Or maybe some tips and advice to make yourself a better cup?

Then a blog on coffee just might be for you.

Whether you are a coffee lover like us, or just someone looking for more information, we point you a list of 20 most influential coffee bloggers to follow. These web pages have it all plus a whole lot more! So brew a fresh batch of your favorite coffee and start reading.



JimSeven Blog

Led by James Hoffman, a well-respected figure in the industry, Jimseven is a much-visited resource within the coffee community.

The man is not only a former barista champion but also the author of The World Atlas of Coffee, as well as the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London.



Sprudge Blog

It’s tagline ‘coffee news and culture’ says it all about the blog.

Whether you are looking for the latest happenings in the coffee industry, reviews of coffee shops around the world, updates on events and experiences, or what’s trending in tech and design, Sprudge comes to your rescue.

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman are the co-founders and executive editors of the site.

Dear Coffee, I Love You



Whether you are looking for that perfect gift idea for the coffee lover in your life, or you are considering to buy a coffee apparatus, Dear Coffee, I Love You (DCILY) has got you covered.

Moreover, the founder Brian W. Jones takes it a step further by exploring the culture, creativity, and design that goes into making that perfect cup of java.

Coffee Detective

Coffee Detective blog

Coffee Detective blog

Authored by Nick Usborne, here you will find everything you need to know about making coffee.

Not only can you learn about the many health benefits of it, but you can also find some interesting recipes, honest reviews, and information about grinders, brewers, and coffee machines.

Coffee Nate

Coffee Nate blog

Coffee Nate blog

Nate Smith created this blog way back in 2009 and since then he has posted many guides and video tutorials related to brewing and roasting methods.

This blog is a must follow if you are passionate about your morning cup of coffee and want to learn about inexpensive ways to make that perfect one.

Make Good Coffee

Make Good Coffee blog

Make Good Coffee blog

Marc Wortman started researching and writing about coffee almost a decade ago. In no time he became so popular among coffee enthusiasts that he eventually opened his shop in San Diego.

Apart from various types of coffees available in that shop, here you can find tips on storing, grinding, and brewing coffee as well maintaining coffee machines.

The Coffeetographer

The Coffeetographer blog

The founder of The Coffeetographer Chermelle Edwards wanted to create a blog that captured the culture of coffee drinkers rather than just those drinks. This unique blog features photographs taken by both professional and amateur photographers.

This is how the about section of the site describes itself “This space is not a blog or an ordinary listicle of where to go in coffee and culture.

Instead, it is a place of highly curated culture, images of people and coffee and structures itself as a vehicle for communing, cultural anthropology, and the connection economy.” In short, it’s a must-follow blog.

The Coffee Compass

The Coffee Compass blog

The Coffee Compass blog

Michael Butterworth runs the blog together with Darren Jennings and Stephen Lee. All three are coffee connoisseurs with a passion for the drink that they want to share with others.

One of the most recommended sites by other coffee bloggers, The Coffee Compass covers a huge variety of brewing methods as well as interviews and reviews.

Brewing Coffee Manually

Brewing Coffee Manually Blog

Brewing Coffee Manually Blog

John, the founder of Brewing Coffee Manually, created this site after realizing that many blogs with tutorials and how-to articles were so complicated that layman had a hard time following along.

His blog offers tips and tricks that even the beginners can follow. Here you can find content that is approachable to the novice coffee enthusiast yet still interesting for the coffee connoisseur.

The Coffee Concierge

The Coffee Concierge blog

The Coffee Concierge blog

Benji is the man behind The Coffee Concierge. It is one of the best blogs for coffee lovers around not just because of the content but also because it helps you find exactly what you need right on its home page.

The moment you land there you can select the link that best suits your needs. Get help to find a new type of coffee, brewing it better at home, or choosing a new coffee machine.

I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee Blog

I Need Coffee Blog

I Need Coffee is a project started by coffee fanatic Michael Allen Smith. Launched way back in 1999, the blog is not just about celebrating excellent coffee, but to empower the coffee lovers to make better java at home. The site is a home to many tutorials related to coffee brewing and home coffee roasting.

Coffee Cup News

Jason is the founder and the owner of the Coffee Cup News. Unlike as the name suggests, it is more than just coffee industry news.

Here you can find everything – from brewing guides, coffee accessory and gear reviews, roasting tips, to the latest news and everything in between.

Coffee Brew Guides

Coffee Brew Guides blog

Coffee Brew Guides blog

It is a blog by Garrett Oden who originally was not a fan of coffee, but somewhere between the long and exhausting process that goes into the creation of fine coffee, he developed a passion for it.

Currently, the blog talks about the brewing methods and techniques and reviews of various coffee grinders and other equipment.

Pure Coffee Blog


Pure Coffee Blog

Bill, the man behind Pure Coffee Blog, is a self-professed coffee fanatic. His love for the drink shows in the site that’s full of detailed reviews of various coffee and tea establishments, as well as the beans and blends he has bought. There is also a rating system for the reviews.

The Way to Coffee

The Way to Coffee blog

The Way to Coffee blog

Created by Resi, The Way to Coffee blog discusses various coffee shops and coffee roasting around the world. The reviews are organized by continent. Beautiful pictures accompany the blog entries on coffee worldwide.

Fried Coffee


Fried Coffee Blog

Authored by Amit, at Fried Coffee you can browse about coffee and coffee machine reviews as well as few delicious recipes. Also, general coffee industry articles and information on coffee and health are part of the site.

We Love Coffee Makers

We Love Coffee Makers Blog

We Love Coffee Makers Blog

While the name of the site might make you think that Marks’s blog only features different coffee maker reviews, but there is so much more that the site talks about.

From buying advice, tips and tricks to information on coffee beans and grinders, and everything in between.

FRSHGRND Coffee & Culture 

FRSHGRND Coffee & Culture Blog

FRSHGRND Coffee & Culture Blog

Started by Aaron Frey, Frsh/Grnd Coffee & Culture talks in detail about the culture surrounding the drink. Here you can see how certain beans evolved over the years or look at the rankings that determine the best cafes in the world.

From Coffee With Love 

From Coffee With Love Blog

From Coffee With Love Blog

Lameen, the creator and author of From Coffee With Love, publishes articles that showcase his passion behind coffee. Most of which take the form of reviews.

He visits each shop and clicks pictures to give readers a good perspective on each of those shops/cafes.  The featured images show everything from the baristas working behind the scenes to the finished cups poured.

Coffee Stylish


Coffee Stylish Blog

Unlike other coffee blogs that focus more on complex subjects, Danijela the editor of the site aims to publish content on the basics like how to clean the coffee grinder or how to clean a coffee maker. You can also follow the blog for some delicious coffee recipes.

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