Best Bunn Coffee Makers – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017!

Last updated: January 2nd 2017

Bunn is one of the oldest coffee maker companies in the USA. It has gained the trust of millions of consumers, by offering quality products that brew delicious coffee and work flawlessly for years.

Freshpresso, today, reviews the best of the best among the Bunn coffee makers and recommends which one should you get according to different needs.

We also talk a lot but Bunn and discuss some of the top features that make Bunn Coffee Makers a clear fan favorite. Let’s move on to the recommendations first.

Best Bunn Coffee Brewers

  1. Bunn 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Coffee BrewerThis is built like a complete tank and can brew 4 gallons of coffee in an hour. With one warming plate and compact size, it is recommended for small restaurants and even personal use.
  2. BUNN BT – However, if you need something flexible, then the Bunn BT which comes with a thermal carafe comes in handy. It is the same machine but supports thermal carafe (that keeps your coffee warm) instead of glass carafe.

⇢ THE WINNERS: Best Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn VP17-1SS
Bunn VPR Commercial
BUNN Velocity Brewers
BUNN NHS Velocity Brew
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Bunn Commercial Brewers – Bunn VP17-1SS and Bunn VPR

If you need a coffee maker that is going to last for years or need a brewer that can be used in your workplace, then Bunn commercial brewers hit all the checkmarks. Here are some of the top reasons to go for Bunn Commercial Brewers: –


  • They are built like a tank with stainless steel construction. (Last for decades, even with heavy use).
  • Can brew 14 liters of coffee per hour consistently. (More than enough for small offices or commercial use).
  • The high-grade heating element stays consistent for years and the coffee is extracted at the perfect temperature.
  • With the internal water tank, you can brew around 60 oz. in under 3 minutes.
  • Have integrated warming plates, so the brewed coffee doesn’t get cold.
  • Very easy operation and can be used with absolutely no experience (Perfect if you are just starting out or need hassle free delicious coffee). 

Here are currently the best Bunn commercial brewers you can get –

#1 Recommendation: Bunn 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Coffee Brewer

With a compact size this is the best commercial grade Bunn Coffee maker for personal use. However, it finds better application in churches, or restaurants with low to average demand for coffee.


Bunn VPR Commercial 12-Cup Brewer, with 2 warmers (Ideal for offices)

If you have a heavy demand for coffee, then the BUNN VPR which comes with two warmers is recommended. Also this one of the most affordable commercial grade coffee maker in the market today.

Brewing Operation

 Bunn commercial brewers require no prior experience to operate. All you need is some ground coffee, drip filters, and water, and you are good to go. They work on displacement method with the help of two water tankers. One of the tankers is always powered on and heats up the water. The amount of water you add will be equal to the amount of coffee brewed.

When you add cold water, the same amount of hot water will be used to brew the coffee and the cold water will be transferred to the internal water tank where it is heated up for the next brew. With this, you can brew full 50 oz. Of coffee in under 3 minutes. However, to brew cold water, it takes about 20 minutes.

Bunn commercial brewers use premium industrial grade components for the internal heating element. This not only increases the life of the brewer but with this can easy brew around 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour. So if you need a brewer that can deliver at ‘peak demand’ time, then Bunn commercial brewer is a cost effective choice.


Apart from the ease of operation, Bunn brewers are some cool features that make it them recommended choice even in a commercial setting. First, thanks to the always-on feature, you can get a quick cup coffee in under a minute. So if you need 20-30 oz. of coffee, all you need to do is add water and the coffee will be brewed in about 2 minutes. This is comparable to single serve machines.

This feature comes in handy when there is little demand, and you need to brew 3-4 quick cups of coffee. No one likes waiting in line right?

Second, are the integrated warming plates. The decanter (or glass carafe) with the extra coffee can be placed over these, and the coffee doesn’t get cold. With the BUNN VPR you get two separate warming plates, but with the BUNN VP-17-1SS, you get one warming plate. These warming plates come with a separate switch, so if you don’t need them, you can turn them off.  (Note – The internal water tank is still powered on, to keep the water warm and ready to brew)


Bunn commercial brewers score almost perfect scores in all areas, but there are few nit-picks here and there. First, the ‘always on’ consumes extra energy, but within the commercial setting where the demand is high, it shouldn’t be that big a problem. However, for the personal use, you can consider turning off the machine.

Second, this machine requires regular internal cleaning. Depending on the use, you would have to descale every second day. (It is recommended to go through the manual to learn more about descaling needs)

Finally, these brewers don’t come with decanters, and you have to buy them separately. For best use, it is recommended to use Bunn decanters and Bunn filters only. 

Freshpresso Rating (Bunn VPR vs. Bunn VP17-1SS)

The is no major difference between the two brewers apart from the design and the no. of warming plates.

The Bunn VP17-1SS has a more compact footprint and comes with one single warming plate. This can come in handy if you need secondary coffee maker for your restaurant. Secondly, if you need a brewer for personal use but want to run it for years without any replacement, then the Bunn 13300.0001 VP17-1SS is the best commercial brewer you can get.

But if you need something bigger, the Bunn VPR can come in handy. With two warming plates, this can be useful when the demand is high. Recommended for small offices and workplaces.

2nd Pick: BUNN Velocity Brewers

If you are a heavy coffee drinker or have a large family, then you need something that can brew larger amounts of coffee quickly. Bunn Velocity brewers do exactly that. The two Bunn models, BUNN BXB and BUNN BT, have the same brewing operation, but the key difference helps you choose one according to your use.

BUNN Velocity Brewers

Let’s talk about that and the overall review of Bunn Velocity brewers.


  • Both the Brewers come with quick brew technology, which helps you brew 10 cups (50 oz.) in 3 minutes.
  • Both the Brewers are built like a tank both from the inside and the outside. (Come with three years of limited warranty.)
  • One touch operation makes them convenient to use.
  • The internal water tank can heat water up to 200 degrees. (Ideal for brewing ground coffee.)

Key Difference

The BUNN BT comes with a thermal carafe that keeps the brewed coffee warm for 2 hours. You can easily carry this, and it is recommended for small trips.

The BUNN BXB, on the other hand, comes with a glass carafe. But you also get an insulated heating element on the machine which keeps the coffee inside the carafe warm. Recommended for home use.


  • Not the most energy efficient brewers.
  • Require regular cleaning and maintenance.


The brewing process for both the BUNN BT and BUNN BXB is the same. Both of these are drip styled coffee machines that use a paper filter and ground coffee.

The velocity brewers come with two tanks and work on the displacement method. When you add the water from the top, it immediately goes to the internal tank where is heated up. This water tank can also store ‘hot’ water for the next brew. This helps you brew full 50oz. Of coffee in under 3 minutes.

You can brew anywhere between 20 to 50 oz.

Bunn is known for delicious coffee, and the velocity brewers are not different. Coffee extraction is helped by the internal tank which heats the water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall, with the velocity brewers you get delicious coffee, which is brewed quickly, without any hassles. (Perfect for regular use)

Build Quality

Both the velocity brewers, the BT and BXB, rank high in terms of build quality. They use stainless steel for the housing, but more importantly the internal heating tank is also made of stainless steel. This increases the life of the machine, and if you regularly descale the machine (which is highly recommended), the BUNN coffee makers will work flawlessly for years.

The glass carafe in the BUNN BXB and the thermal carafe in the Bunn BT also have a tough construction but the thermal carafe in the BT takes the edge for obvious reasons.

Bunn BT vs. Bunn BXB

The key difference between the BT and the BXB is that the BXB comes with a glass carafe while the BT comes with the thermal carafe.

The thermal carafe in the BT keeps the coffee warm for around two to two and half hours, and you can carry it you planning a small road trip or need it for work.

However, the BXB comes with a glass carafe, but it also features a heating element which keeps the carafe warm. So if you have brewed some extra coffee, you can place the carafe on the heating element, and it will keep your coffee warm. There is a separate switch for this heating element, so you can turn it off if you are not using it.


The BUNN Velocity Brewers are not that ‘energy efficient.’ This is because of the always on feature. This is done to keep the water tank heated up so that it can be used for the subsequent brew.

Secondly, velocity brewers require descaling frequently. You can buy vinegar or descaling solution to speed up the process, but we recommend you to do so after every two weeks.

Freshpresso Rating

Bunn Velocity brewers are recommended for home use if you have a large family or if you drink multiple cups of coffee. Both the Brewers last for years and consistently brew delicious cups of coffee.

If you need something that is portable, you can go with the BUNN BT which has a thermal carafe, but if you need something for regular home use, then Bunn BXB would be a perfect choice.

3rd Pick: BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer



The BUNN MCU has been around for years and is one of the bestselling single serve brewers in the market even today. Versatility and ease of use take the foreground in the BUNN MCU, but is this the right model for you, well here is everything you to know about that:


  • You can use coffee pods, K-cups and ground coffee all in one single machine. (Dispenses hot water too).
  • Brews the best ‘tea’ among single serve coffee makers.
  • One-touch operation makes it convenient to use. (easy peasy Japanesey)
  • Brews super fast, and you get 14 oz. of coffee in under a minute.
  • With the ‘Pulse’ option you can brew a stronger cup of coffee.
  • Built like a tank and will brew consistently for years. 


  • No separate water reservoir, need to add water before every brew.
  • The drawers get a little messy and need to be cleaned regularly. 

 Brewing Operation

With the machine, you get four separate drawers – one for K-cups, one for coffee pods, one for ground coffee and one to dispense hot water. Each of these can be attached easily to the machine.

Brewing a cup after that is super easy, simply add water in the tank and hit the brew button. You can add 4-14 oz. of water in the tank. The amount of water you add with be the same as the amount of coffee the MCU brews. At any time, you can hit the ‘brew’ button to stop dispensing coffee.

The BUNN MCU gets heated up insanely fast, and you can full 14 oz. Cup in under a minute. If you want a stronger cup of coffee, simply press the ‘PULSE’ button before you brew. If you are using the pulse feature, it takes about 30 seconds more to brew the same amount.

Finally, there is no energy saving mode on this machine, so it is highly recommended to turn it off if you are not going it for several hours. Having said that, the internal tanks keeps the water hot if you want to brew after an hour or two.


As stated earlier, you get four separate drawers with the BUNN MCU. This gives you the flexibility to use coffee pods, K-Cups, and even ground coffee.

K-cups are known for their versatility, and you can choose from hundreds of flavors. But they are tad expensive for regular use, and if budget is an issue you can use coffee pods.

With the pod drawer, you can even brew tea, but we would highly recommend using the ‘pulse’ feature, to brew a more flavorful tea. You also get a separate drawer to dispense hot water, if you need it for oatmeal (Definitely handy)

Finally, you can also the ground coffee using the ground coffee drawer. You can brew darker roasts and decaffeinated drinks using this.

And yes, attaching the drawers to the machine is super easy and it locks itself automatically.

Overall, the MCU gives a lot of options to the users, and everything is packaged in one single machine. The only this the MCU can’t brew is espresso. (But you can always get blended espressos through K-cups)


Cleaning the K-cup and the pod drawer is not big of a hassle, and you simply have to get rid of the used pod or the K-cup. But cleaning the ground coffee pod gets a little messy. Compared to Keurig My-Cup, this one takes a little more time.

Secondly, there is no added reservoir in the machine, and you have to pour fresh water before every brew. Usually, other single serve machines have a separate removable water reservoir, and there is no need for a constant refill.

To be honest, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the machine; they are just a few quirks you have to deal with if you buy this machine.

Freshpresso Rating

 Overall, this is a highly versatile and flexible machine. You get a lot of options, and if you want a quick cup of coffee, then you should go for this. (And yes, this baby lasts long)

On the other hand, if you want the utility of the added water reservoir and want the same level of versatility and convenience then the Keurig K55 is a great option. 

4th Pick: BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer

For the drip coffee lovers, who want something convenient and fast, then the NHS velocity brew should find a space on your countertop. Powered by velocity brew technology, it combines BUNN’s trust and modern design, to create one of the best in drip coffee makers.



  • Can brew 50 oz. Of coffee in one go, and comes with a beautiful glass carafe. (Great value for the price)
  • Features in an internal tank that keeps the water hot (With this you can get 50 oz. coffee in about 3 minutes, crazy fast!)
  • The carafe can be placed on a warming plate. (So you can drink ‘hot’ coffee, long time after the brew)
  • Very easy one-touch operation. (Uses drip style coffee filters)


  • There is no auto turn off after no activity; this keeps the machine always ‘on.’
  • The cleaning process is quite long and needs to be done regularly to extend the life of the coffee maker.

Fast Brewing

After the initial setup, the BUNN NHS can brew quite fast. It works through displacement method and has two water tanks inside it.

To start, you need to add water through the top. You can add up to 50 oz. Of water. (Note – the amount of water you add will be equal to the amount of coffee brewed). Then you can add ground coffee in the drip filters, and you are good to go.

To make use of the internal tank, you can add more water in the coffee makers. So whenever you feel like brewing, add the amount of water you want to brew and it will heat the same amount of water from the internal water tank to brew fresh coffee. With this, it can brew 50 oz. Of coffee in 3 minutes.  After that, it will transfer fresh water into the internal tank for heating.

Overall, the NHS is one of fastest drip coffee maker, and it is perfect for brewing a quick cup of delicious coffee.


Brewing a cup of coffee on the BUNN NHS is super easy, and all you have to do is press a button. Apart from that, it can brew 50 oz. (about 9 cups) of coffee in one go, directly into a glass carafe.

But what if, you brewed more coffee than required? Well, then the porcelain heating element can come in handy. You can pour the amount of coffee you want and keep the carafe (with the leftover coffee) on that heating element. You can then enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want.


The initial setup of the BUNN NHS takes time, and we highly recommend to read the user manual before use.

Second, the machine stays ‘always on,’ unless it is unplugged. Even after inactivity, the machine doesn’t turn itself off. This is done to power the internal water tank, to keep the water warm for faster brewing. It doesn’t that much of electric power, but it is recommended to unplug the machine if you do not intend to brew after some time.

Finally, the cleaning process or descaling takes a lot of time, and you have to follow the exact procedures as instructed in the manual. On an average, it takes about 30 minutes to complete the process. It is recommended to clean to descale after every three weeks.

Freshpresso Rating

Overall, the BUNN NHS is ideal for drip coffee lovers who are looking for speed and convenience. It can brew coffee quickly, is quite easy to operate and comes at an affordable price.

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