How to Brew that Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Coffee making has become a delicate art today. Coffee lovers all over the world tend to personalize their coffee as per their taste. A fine twist here or there can result in an altogether different flavor. However it is not always possible to have the comfort of your own kitchen at your disposal.


But that should not prevent you from stirring a great cup of coffee. Here’s a guide to help you brew coffee without the use of a coffee maker:

There are two ways to brew coffee at home without using a machine.

By mimicking a French Press

You can brew of your coffee the French Press way as well. This method uses the Maceration technique where coffee grounds are soaked in water for extraction.

Step 1: Measure coffee as per your need for 1 or 2 cups and grind them into a sand like texture.

Step 2: Wet this mixture slightly and leave it for about 30 seconds in a jug.

Step 3: Pour hot water (91 – 96 degrees) into the jug depending on your need (for 1 or 2 cups). Let this mixture stand for 4-5 minutes for extraction to take place evenly.

Step 4: Pour the drink slowly into the cup/s in which coffee is to be served. Take care to stop as soon as the grounds are about to enter the cups.

By creating a makeshift pour-over

If you don’t have the luxury of a coffee maker, you can use your handkerchief as a filter while brewing coffee. This method involves the Percolation technique where water is passed through the coffee grounds.

Step 1: All you need to do is take a clean handkerchief and fold it into a thick layered square.

Step 2: Fix this folded piece to a glass firmly using an elastic band or paper clips.

Step 3: Grind enough coffee for a cup or two as per your need. Make sure that the particles are neither too fine nor too coarse.

Step 4: Keep the grounds at the center of your cloth filter. Try spreading them into an even layer for consistency.

Step 5: Bring water to a temperature of 91 – 96 degrees and wet the grounds a little before brewing. Leave the mixture for about 30 seconds to aid extraction.

Step 6: Pour half a cup of hot water through the grounds and wait for another 30 seconds.

Step 7: Over the next 1 minute pour the remaining water into the cup, in two parts, at an interval of 30 seconds through the filter.

Remove the filter and your coffee is ready to be served in two minutes! Alternately, you can also opt for paper filters that are cheap and are easily available in case you are out on a trip.

 Now that you are capable of making a perfect cup of coffee practically anywhere, you might want to experiment and try out different flavors. It will amaze you to know that just by experimenting with the way you brew coffee, you can get a range of famous flavors at your home itself. Some of the must-try methods are:


A popular method of the 1940s, Chemex has made a comeback in the last few years. The Chemex machine pours hot water (about 180-200 degrees) over coffee grounds, using a filter that is thicker than usual. This prevents the fatty acids from seeping into the cup, giving a smoother texture to your coffee.

Cold Brew

In this method, the grounds need to be soaked for over 12 hours since cold water is used to brew instead of hot. Cold water takes away the naturally acidic and bitter essence of coffee that gets pronounced by hot water, giving you a sweeter cup of coffee.

French Press

If you are looking for a jolting cup of coffee to kickstart your day, French Press is your thing. All you need to do is steep coffee grounds in hot water and leave them for five minutes. In order to have a stronger concentration of caffeine in your cup, try soaking the grounds for a longer period.

Instant Mix

This is the quickest and the most popular method of making coffee for all those who don’t have enough time to practice the art of making coffee. All you need to do is mix powdered coffee in hot water and your coffee is ready in seconds. However, instant coffee has a lesser concentration of coffee and lacks on the flavor of freshly brewed coffee.

Standard Drip

A standard drip can be easily prepared in an automatic machine where water is to be simply poured over coffee grounds. The greatest benefit of this method is that it cuts the cholesterol found in coffee naturally by filtering the natural oil found in it.


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