Coffee Concerns: What does the De’Longhi EC702 Pump Espresso Maker has in store for you?

The De’Longhi EC702 is a semi-automatic espresso machine that allows you to make those perfect Espresso shots as well as tasty Lattes and Cappuccinos.


It is a fine machine for the price at which it comes and the features it has on offer. Here is our in-depth review of the De’Longhi EC702:


The long lasting, robust yet attractive stainless steel makeup of this machine is going to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen for years to come. Weighing about 11.10 lbs and coming in a size of 11.25”x8.19”x12.50”, you can easily fix this compact machine to any one corner of your kitchen as it does not call to be moved frequently.

Key Features

Three-in-one filter holder

The De’Longhi EC702 comes with a three in one filter holder that allows you to make a single shot or a double shot espresso as well as an easy serve espresso pod, as per your preference.

You can try using both ground coffee as well as coffee pods to experiment with your skills. If you are particular about what beans are to be used, how much pressure has to be applied while tamping and how refined the texture has to be you can use the respective filter to customize your drink.

Alternatively the other filter can be used with ground coffee in order to make the whole process quick if you are in a hurry.

Self Priming

The self priming feature was a much needed one for many. Waiting impatiently

for the boiler to reach the exact temperature before you start brewing your

coffee is the most exasperating part for most of us. With the De’Longhi EC702,

this wait is no longer needed. All you need to do is push the ‘preheat’ button for a

quicken the heat-up process and taste you first sip a little earlier.

Water Tank

The De’Longhi EC702 features a removable water tank with a capacity of 44 ounces placed at the side of the machine. This means that you are not required to refill the water tank every time you use the machine. And when you have to, you can do it easily by removing it from the side, without having to move the machine.

A small but useful addition is the water level indicator that lets you know when the water level has dropped and a refilling is required.

Cappuccino System Frother

The Cappuccino System Frother is a great addition which allows you to mix stem and milk to create a rich, creamy and evenly textured froth. Your cappuccinos will take less than a minute to be ready.

Two Temperature Thermostats

The two temperature thermostats allow the water and steam functions to be controlled separately to ensure that you brew your coffee at the perfect temperature each time to deliver a consistent authentic feature.

Display Indicators

A display panel is located at the left corner of the machine. It has buttons for ‘On/Off, Coffee/Hot Water and Steams’. Corresponding to each buttons are indicator lights to show when a feature is ready.

Price and Warranty

Though the price has been doubled as compared to the previous models by De’Longhi, the features that are being offered justify it. The De’Longhi EC 702 comes with a one year warranty period.


  • Easy-to-clean

Cleaning this machine is fairly easy. Thanks to the removable drip tray that accumulates any occasional drip and spilled coffee grounds. The stainless steel body can be wiped with a damp cloth to maintain its shine.

Descaling is required only after about 200 cups and the instruction manual can guide one efficiently through the process.

  • Cup Warming Tray

Unlike the previous models this one includes a Cup Warmer that gets heated actively to enhance your experience better than the ones that are warmed passively.


  • Many customers have reported that the plastic tamper doesn’t do the job perfectly and they had to invest in an additional steel tamper.
  • This machine has not been designed to deliver shot after shots quickly. This might be an issue for those who host a big group frequently.
  • The lack of a solenoid valve results in messy pucks that are difficult to clean.


If you are an aspiring barista, The De’Longhi EC702 is a pretty affordable home machine. It is an improvement over the EC155 which had a plastic make and has a range of impressive features that keep things easy and efficient while allowing you to experiment and improve coffee-making your skills with time.

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