Coffee Concerns: What does the Breville BES900 XL Espresso Machine has in store for you?

The Breville BES900XL has been designed to give you the ultimate consistency and perfection with every cup of Espresso.  This is one of the high-end coffee makers by Breville and combines some of its best features.


Currently, it is the best semi-automatic espresso machine available in the market. If you take coffee-making seriously, this machine will be a dream come true as it lets you customize each and every aspect of coffee making.


The Breville BES900XL comes in a stainless steel finish with three color choices: Silver, Black Sesame, and Cranberry. The manufacturers have taken care that you get a color that suits your kitchen theme. This is a majestic machine with a 16.25”x15”x15” make, weighing around 38 lbs and is going to be the center of attraction of your kitchen.

A feature that is going to be your favorite is the swivel foot at the bottom which can lift the entire unit off the countertop, making it easy for you to maneuver the machine.

Dual Boiler

The double boiler is one of the most loved aspects of this machine. It enables simultaneous extraction and steaming action. The espresso shot is prepared at PID regulated temperature which ensures that you shot extracted at the exact temperature. The steam boiler instantly generates a mighty stream on the other hand so that your milk is textured to the best quality.

Drip Tray

The unit comes with a large drip tray, 33cm wide and 12.5cm deep to take care of accidental leaks. It also has a waste water level indicator that gives an ‘empty me’ sign once the tray fills.

Emptying the tray is relatively easy; instead of removing it altogether, you only need to tip the tray towards the spray area.

Actively Heated Group Head

Breville has also added a different Actively Heated Group Head for enhanced consistency. Since the complete process is programmable, the flavor of your coffee will never falter. All you need to do is turn the control knobs to your desired settings.

Over Pressure Valve (OVP)

The unique OVP lets you regulate the entire extraction process carefully to avoid over extraction and pressure so that your coffee never comes out tasting bitter.

It also ensures that your coffee turns out perfectly consistent by increasing the pressure gradually to gently expand the grounds for even extraction.


The pre-infusion period is the most important one, but sadly most coffee makers tend to neglect it. With the Breville BES900XL however, that is not the case. The pre-infusion period is taken care of, allowing you to experiment with as many flavors as possible by controlling the power and duration.


The Breville BES900XL Espresso Maker has taken programmability to an altogether new level. The following features make it the unique and easy to operate machine:

Volumetric Control: It allows you to preset the volume in two cups at once, while still leaving the option of reprogramming or manually adjusting the volume anywhere you want to.

Shot Clock: This helps you monitor the duration of the process so that your shot gets delivered at the perfect time, not a second before or after.

Backlit LCD: this versatile feature displays the extraction temperature, the shot clock and can even display a standard clock thanks to the built-in 24-hour clock.

Steam wand

The steam wand comes with a 360 degrees swivel to maximize ease of access while you heat and texture fresh milk. A unique addition is the 3-hole tip of the wand that creates the finest texture for your drink.

Water Tank

The Breville BES900XL has a water reservoir with a capacity of 84 ounces. The tank is placed on the top of the machine and can be removed easily for refilling using a lift and pull out handle system.

Price & Warranty

For all these outstanding features, the price of $1300 is justified. The warranty period is also increased to two years from the one years period in the previous models.


  • Auto – start function

This lets you have your favorite flavor without any wait. The auto start function keeps you coffee ready to brighten up your day when you wake up or are back from work.

  • Hot water outlet

This allows you to preheat the cups and prepare the perfect Americano.

  • Compact

The Dual Boiler also includes a 58 mm steel tamper that has a magnetic storage slot. The machine also includes a cavity that has enough space to accommodate the cord, rolled or flattened.

  • Hidden Accessory Tray

The unit features a small accessory tray that helps you keep all the additional tools for cleaning in one place, within the machine.


The only major issue with the Breville BES900XL was that it required a round of cleaning and descaling by professionals after every two years.

However, the good news is that Breville has managed to do away with this by adding a home descaling option as well.


 The Breville BES900XL semi-automotive espresso maker is a great machine. It is one of the rare pieces which don’t come with any major flaws. If you wish to work in your kitchen just like a professional barista, this machine is a must have.

The Breville BES900XL has done away with most of the issues seen in other espresso makers, even going a few steps ahead. Therefore, if you go ahead with such an investment, you will surely never regret.


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