9 (+ 1) Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Your Coffee!

Coffee is the second-most-traded commodity in the world after oil. There is hardly a person you will find who can go through his day without grabbing a cup coffee. Easy as it may seem to brew a cup of coffee, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few interesting facts for every coffee lover:

You don’t need coffee to get out of bed!

It is a popular belief that coffee is the first thing you need in the morning to kick start your day. The fact however is, your body naturally produces a stress hormone called cortisol at certain intervals of a day to make you feel charged and alert.

You can easily do without having a cup of coffee at morning around 7 am, midday around 12 and in the evening around 6 pm. Make sure you consume it at a time when your cortisol drips naturally so that the caffeine doesn’t go waste.

The Coffee Belt

The Coffee Belt

The Coffee Belt

Well! Coffee has a whole part of the planet named after it.  The Coffee Belt marks out all the regions whose climate is favorable for the growth of coffee.

Since coffee plants require a lot of care, nourishment, sunshine and warmth, this area also makes a good outline for tropical vacations. If you are a coffee lover, you must visit one of these places to learn what goes into making your favorite beverage.

Hot Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

Ever wonder why iced coffee tastes better, takes more time to reach your table and shows more on the bill?! Well, that is because iced coffee requires a lot more processing and resources than a simple cup of hot coffee. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a hot coffee to save your hard earned cash at work if you end up having coffee more than once during the day.

Coffee was banned in 1675!

Weird as it may sound coffee shops were actually banned by King Charles II in 1675. Thanks to its popularity, a lot of people gathered to have coffee giving the king an impression that people are meeting at coffee houses to conspire against him!

Coffee is a berry … before it’s a bean!

Coffee grows on a flowering plant, like berries and that too red! Its brown seeds make the coffee beans that are processed to make various coffee beverages and products.

Coffee is a berry

Coffee is a berry

All coffees do not come from plants!

It might surprise you to know that some of the most expensive coffees in the world are not produced by plants but are found in animal excreta!! Black Ivory coffee costing at least $50 per cup is made from elephant dung. Similarly, coffee beans are fed to mongoose and then its fecal matter is used to make Luwak coffee which comes for $160 per pound.

Coffee improves your workout, helping you burn fat

Coffee shoots up your metabolism from 3 to 11%. If consumed, before a workout, it increases the level of adrenaline as well and helps release fatty acids from fat tissues. All these factors come together improve your workout performance and help burn with fat burning.

It Works Great for Repetitive Tasks

Coffee is the best partner for those whose work involves repetition, for instance making repetitive entries in a report all day. Various researchers have concluded that repetitive tasks are performed more efficiently under the effect of coffee.

When it comes to Coffee…Small is Big.

Most people have a habit of starting their day with a large and healthy dose of coffee, expecting it to help them throughout the day. However, studies have shown that having it in small amounts and more frequently is more effective in keeping you charged throughout the day.

Crazy World Records are Set Around Coffee

If you want an estimate of the extent to which people are addicted to it, you just need to google about the crazy world records involving coffee. Given the universal popularity of the drink, various unusual records are ranging from balancing 12 cups of coffee off chin for 36.6 seconds to the largest cup of coffee containing 13,200 liters of the drink!

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