BUNN VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer

Built to suit seamlessly with North American electricity standards, this industrial coffee maker weighs approximately 24 pounds. It can produce about 3.8 gallons or 14 liters of the perfect coffee in every hour and thus ensure an unlimited supply at your workplace or your commercial establishment.


Unlike other commercial coffee makers, the BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer does not need to be connected to a water sources continuously. This, coupled with its light weight, makes the appliance a very portable one. Crafted entirely out of stainless steel, it is a sturdy equipment that is a must for all large kitchens.

It can brew about 12 cups of coffee in one go and has one plate warmer to keep the brew steaming. If you run a small eatery or a café where you occasionally serve a cup of coffee to your patrons, then this is the absolutely perfect machine for you. The coffee is produced in a shorter time span than other machines with similar specifications in the same price range. Also, you shouldn’t be expecting superior quality espressos from this machine. But given the low pressure it operates at, it produces a far better tasting brew than other machines with similar features.

Special funnel

Also, it is fitted with a Bunn special funnel called the SplashGard which is molded into the carafe to prevent the hot liquid from spilling out onto your hands and causing injuries. In fact, the coffee does not spill out even if you swill the carafe around thus providing superior protection.

This particular feature makes the Bunn brewers one of the bests to work with. And given the level of consistency in their performance, they make for a great appliance to invest in for use at any coffee shop, convenience store or restaurant.

Pourover feature

Another major plus is the pour over feature which lets you add cold water to the top to get the brewing process started. It takes about two minutes for the carafe to be filled which twice as fast as most other commercial coffee makers. In fact, it is handy to have a second carafe ready during peak hours when you do brisk business at your establishment.

Also the fact that the coffee maker performs at a speed which makes it ideal for all sorts of demand – at a busy restaurant, a small bakery or an office with a decent sized work force – makes it a versatile option to invest in.


Last but not the least, do not be fooled by appearances. While this particular model might look like a flimsy piece of work, its durability is sure to amaze you. The stainless steel can suffer scratches easily so you should be careful while handling that. Otherwise, the device can weather most storms!