BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

An excellent coffee brewer by Bunn meant for domestic use from a company that is synonymous with reliability and dependence when it comes to their extended range of products. Another place of this device is that it belongs to the category of Bunn products that can be shipped internationally.

While receiving a defective product in via mail can be a matter of concern for you, rest assured that given Bunn’s stellar track record when it comes to addressing customers’ grievances, your issues will be dealt with in no time, in the unlikely event that you have any.


This is a product designed for heavy use. It comes fitted with an in built stainless steel water tank that maintains water temperature at a constant level of 200 degrees Fahrenheit which is considered to be optimum for brewing the bets cup of coffee. The porcelain warmer is also kept on at all times when the machine is plugged into a socket.

Another special feature of this coffee maker is the spray head nozzle that it is fitted with. The head ensures that the warm water at optimum temperature gets sprayed evenly over the coffee beans or powder and helps extract the best flavour from them.


Though Bunn itself has marked this particular model for domestic usage, its capacity to generate large volumes of coffee in a short span of time makes it for usage even in offices that employ a small or medium sized workforce.

Like a majority of Bunn home coffee makers, this appliance produces ten cups of coffee in about three minutes. Being meant for heavy use, it performs optimally when you are using it to brew multiple cups of coffee a day. If you are someone whose caffeine intake is limited to about three to four cups of coffee in 24 hours, then this surely isn’t the device for you.

You would end up wasting electricity and paying high power bills. The coffee pot would be warming all day affecting the taste of your brew and also the water left standing in it for a long time will cause damage to the stainless steel body. The warmer plate kept on for a long time is also vulnerable to suffering a burnout if left unused.


Weighing 6.8 pounds, this machine can be carried easily from one place to another and proves to be no challenge to take along if you are shifting from one location to the next. The electrical specifications meet North American standards, and the device performs seamlessly if the instruction manual provided along with the appliance is followed to the tee.


While user reviews mostly tend to give stellar grades to this device, you should always keep in mind that it is an appliance meant for heavy duty and regular use. It might not be an ideal buy, if you are a small family or a single person who doesn’t consume more than a cup of coffee per day.

Some users have also complained of part failures but that is something the Bunn customer service system promptly takes care of. Also, the machine reported works seamless if you go exactly by the user manual in terms of quantity to be brewed, amount of water to be used and the intervals between cleaning the machine.

The rigidity has been a turn off for some buyers. But if it is going to see a fair amount of use in your home and you like your coffee to taste perfect every single time, this particular appliance definitely deserves to be on your list.