Best Nespresso Coffee Machines – Top Picks and Reviews 2017

Planning to buy a Nespresso coffee machine but not sure which is the best one for you?

Nespresso has a varied product line which means that they have something for everyone. We’ve put together our list of the 6 best Nespresso machines for 2017 so that you can find that model that’s right for you.

Top Nespresso Coffee Machines to buy in 2017

Water Tank CapacityWeightTop FeatureBudgetRating
Nespresso C12234 oz8.9 poundsEasy Insertion SystemPremium9.8/10
Nespresso Pixie D6024 oz6.6 poundsHigh-Pressure PumpPremium9.6/10
Nespresso VertuoLine40 oz12.3 pounds15-second heat-up timePremium9/10
Nespresso Pixie24 oz7.2 poundsFolding Drip TrayPremium8.6/10
Nespresso CitiZ34 oz8.9 poundsMultiple Brewing Options
Nespresso Inissia24 oz5.3 poundsHighly Energy EfficientBudget7.6/10

#1 Recommendation: Nespresso C122-US-CH-NE Citiz

This chrome-plated espresso machine is currently available in the $300 range from a variety of online distributors. It is one of the most popular of Nespresso’s machines because it has many amenities and features that help it stand out from others like it on the market. Following is a list of it’s top features to better understand just what it has to offer. While we at feel that this model stands out above the others, make sure to browse the entire list to see what version fits your needs best.

Easy Insertion System

Brewing with your Nespresso requires inserting small capsules in the machine and pressing a few buttons. The simple-to-load-and-unload insertion system ensures that it is as quick and easy as possible. Simply open up the top, pop in your capsule, and get to brewing. When done brewing, open the top and remove the capsule. It is that simple. And the resulting coffee is amazing!

High-Pressure Pump and Fast Heating

Espresso must be brewed at very high pressures to get the taste and caffeine concentration that makes it such a potent drink. This machine utilizes a barista-style pump with a 25-second heating speed. As a result, your espresso is brewed quickly, and with the taste you crave.

Programmable Sizes

While espresso typically comes in a small cup size, this machine allows you to program a couple different cup sizes. They include the typical espresso size (1.35 oz) and the lungo size (3.72 oz). There is also a convenient folding drip tray that accepts a variety of sizes so your cup will fit perfectly. These features are perfect for those who like a little more espresso to start their morning, or for those who want just a small dose.

Easy-to-use, inexpensive, and fast acting, this appliance adds a lot of value to any home. It is a great investment for anyone who plans on regularly drinking espresso or who wants to serve espresso at parties at their home. It can even be used by small coffee shops as an on-the-go espresso brewer.

2.Nespresso Pixie D60

With a price of about $22, this brick red Nespresso machine is often available from retailers for nearly under $200. Does it offer the same benefits of the one mentioned above? Yes, though it does brew a little slower. However, it is a good model to consider for those who aren’t ready to drop $300 on a specialized machine. Its many high-quality features still make it worthwhile, particularly for amateur brewers who just want a nice occasional cup of espresso.

High-Pressure Pump

Like the model mentioned above, this one comes with a 19-bar high-pressure pump. In fact, it is the same pump. As a result, you are still getting great tasting espresso at an excellent speed. While this one may be a bit slower, it still heats up in about 30 seconds.

Removable Water Tank

One of the nicest features of this machine is the removable water tank attached to the side. This tank is used to store the water that makes your espresso. Being removable makes it easier to fill and clean. With a 24-ounce volume, it provides a high brewing capacity. This large tank makes it an excellent choice for anyone who plans on entertaining espresso-loving friends.

Auto Turn-Off

Espresso machines can get scorching if left on for too long. This excessive heat can be a dangerous proposition, particularly if the high-powered pump kicks on. Thankfully, this machine integrates an automatic turn-off function that turns it off after about 10 minutes. As a result, you can go to work or bed without worrying about whether you left it running.

While it may lack some of the nuts-and-bolts of higher-priced models, this Nespresso is still worth the investment. Anyone who is interested in brewing espresso, but who doesn’t want to pay too much for a model, can get by with this one.

3. Nespresso VertuoLine

Another model under $300, this black espresso brewer is a fun and somewhat unique model in the Nespresso line. There are many different features of this model that make it an intriguing option for those who want an inexpensive, yet high-quality, espresso machine for their home or business. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing this brewer.

Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

A superlative espresso needs frothy milk to add a little taste and texture. The Aeroccino Plus milk frother of this model creates a variety of hot and cold milk froths that add immeasurably to your espresso’s taste. What is particularly nice about this item is that it requires pressing just one button to get it going.

Centrifusion Technology

Speaking of one-button technology, the patented Centrifusion technology integrated on this machine makes it easy to brew coffee and espresso with the push of just one button. As a result, it is easier than ever to quickly brew you much needed caffeinated drink while getting ready for work. Ideal for the on-the-go person who rarely has time to enjoy a delicious espresso in the morning.

Incredible Heating Time

In spite of its rather low cost, this Nespresso beats many of the higher-priced models by offering a 15-second heat-up time. This fast heating time makes it one of the quickest on the market and increases its usefulness for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time brewing.

Anyone who lives a fast-paced life would do well to invest in this espresso brewer. With its one-button technology and quick brewing time, it will get you out of the house more quickly than most espresso machines on this list.

4. Nespresso Pixie

If $200-250 is too much for an espresso enthusiast to spend, the Electric Titan may be their best bet. Available for just $160, it is one of the least expensive espresso brewers on the market. Yes, this does mean it will be a little slower and lack a few features when compared to its competitors. However, it still provides the consumer with a great brewing experience that makes it more than worth the investment.

Decent Brewing Speed

While the Electric Titan isn’t as fast as the VertuoLine, it still has a pretty good brewing time of about 30 seconds. This brewing time is competitive with most of the models on this list and may be faster than other models on the market.

Backlit LED Water Level Indicators

Gauging the water level in the average espresso water tank can be frustrating. Thankfully, this inexpensive little machine uses backlit LED indicators to show just how much water is left. As a result, it is easy to know just how much espresso your brewer has left in it before replacement is necessary.

Folding Drip Tray

A good espresso machine has a drip tray that can accept a variety of cups. This model is no different. Its folding drip tray makes it easier than ever to take containers of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for those homes or businesses that plan on serving a variety of espresso sizes.

We love this little Nespresso model. No, it’s not quite as powerful as its sister models, but it still provides you with a great espresso at a small price. We suggest it for use in a small office that has about 10 employees who need regular doses of espresso to get through the day.

5. Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine

By contrast to the Electric Titan, the Nespresso CitiZ is a more expensive model. In fact, it is double the asking price of that one. Is it worth the $300 asking price when compared to other models offered at a lower price? Absolutely! It is not only a little faster than those machines, but it also has many great design and functionality features that put it a step above what many other models on the market have to offer.

Handsome Exterior Design

Unlike other cheaper Nespresso machines, which are often designed strictly for functionality, the CitiZ is a pretty good looking machine. It aims to have a retro and modern style combination that makes it welcome in a variety of kitchens and homes.

Multiple Brewing Options

Not everyone likes to take the same intensity or size of espresso. That’s why this machine has been programmed to allow various sizes and concentrations. Its folding drip tray accepts a variety of cup sizes, making this an excellent choice for a high-quality coffee shop.

Aeroccino Milk Frother

This feature was mentioned in a review above, but for anyone who may have skipped it, it is worth discussing. It lets you simultaneously prepare your espresso and your milk for quicker brewing times. It also creates a variety of froth types and temperatures.

The CitiZ is the model to choose for those who don’t mind spending a little more money. It just can’t be beaten when it comes to providing a delicious and diverse espresso experience for the average person.

6. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Last, but not least, is the Inissia espresso maker. This machine is designed to be a small, compact, and easy-to-integrate brewer for a variety of homes or businesses. It is among the smallest, yet most powerful, espresso machines on the market. It is often available for as little as $80 on the used market, making it one of the least expensive of all Nespresso models available.

Compact Design

In the past, espresso machines were large and bulky devices that were hard to integrate with a kitchen. That problem has been all but eliminated with the Inissia. Designed to be a small and handsome machine, it also comes in a variety of different colors. This design diversity makes it easy to integrate into a variety of home designs.

Espresso And Lungo Preparation

Espresso and Lungo drinks are two sides of a similar coin. They have slightly different tastes that suit the preferences of a variety of coffee fans. This great little machine offers you the ability to brew both types of drinks, creating a hard-to-beat diversity of drinks.

Highly Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is on the minds of everyone these days, as heat, electric, and gas prices continue to rise. To counter that problem, this espresso machine has been designed for maximum energy efficiency. It has an A Class energy rating and an automatic turn-off option that helps avoid excessive electricity use.

Efficient and handsome, this great little Nespresso model is a reliable addition to any home. It doesn’t necessarily stand apart from any of the other brewers discussed on this list, but if you can find one at a fair price, you should pick it up.

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