Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers – Our Top Picks for 2017

Coffee grinders and brewers are for those people who love to make their foods. Rather than rely on store-bought coffee, they directly grind their beans to brew delicious and unforgettable coffee.

Purchasing a coffee grinder and brewer that is perfect for you requires understanding the various models on the market and what they have to offer the consumer.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best coffee grinders and brewers on the market for 2017 and beyond.

When reading this list, it is important to understand the company that produces each grinder. It is also crucial to gauge the multiple features present on each grinder. In this way, you can make an intelligent purchase that ensures you get the model that is right for you.

We guarantee, though, that you won’t be disappointed with any of the models you decide to try out on this list.

Top Grind and Brew Coffee Makers for 2017

CapacityWeightUnique FeatureBudgetRating
Breville BCG820BSSXL16 ounces6.4 poundsMultiple Pour Options,
60 grind settings
Cuisinart DGB-900BC12 cups 9.9 poundsStrength Selector,
BPA Free
DeLonghi America KG521 Dedica14 cups 7.6 pounds18 grind settings,
Easy to Clean
Cuisinart Grind & Brew12 cups9 poundsCharcoal Filter,
Gold Tone Commercial Filter
Cuisinart DGB-550BK12 cups10 pounds24-Hour ProgrammingBudget7.4/10

Winner: Breville BCG820BSSXL with The Smart Grinder Pro

Breville is a food preparation company that has worked for years creating the kind of high-quality items that are perfect for your kitchen needs.

For example, they produce many different coffee grinders with multiple different fun features. One of their most successful ideas is combining various grinds and brew settings on each of their machines.

This option helps make their machines some of the most respected and widely used on the market. This “Smart Grinder Pro” model is one of their most popular and the one to consider if you’re looking for a coffee grinder in 2017.

Various Grind Settings

Everyone has a different idea of how they want their coffee ground. With this Breville grinder, you get 60 different grind settings. This feature lets you create the finest coffee with the smoothest taste or very harsh and thick coffee. Those who love various types of coffee will love this machine!

Electronic Timer

Another valuable addition to a good coffee machine is an accurate electronic timer. The clock on this particular machine allows you to adjust your grind time in 0.2-second increments. This time setting allows you to grind your coffee as accurate and thoroughly as possible.

High Grinding Capacity

When grinding coffee, you likely want to do so at a high capacity. Why? This large volume allows you to brew enough coffee to last you for a few days. This machine has a capacity of 16 ounces, which should be more than sufficient for several pots of coffee.

Multiple Pour Options

With the Breville, there are several different areas to which you can grind your coffee. These include directly into the portafilter, a useful grinds container, or a filter basket. In this way, you can adapt your grinding to the needs of your particular coffee machine.

Breville remains the kind of quality appliance manufacturer that produces a variety of great products. This model is one of them. It is more than worth the investment, particularly if you plan on entertaining a lot of guests.

#2: Cuisinart DGB-900BC

Cuisinart is one of the world’s finest producers of kitchen appliances. They are so prevalent in the world of machines that their name is practically synonymous with high-quality products.

Movies have made jokes about them, and they’ve produced great items that will last for years. Starting out by focusing on blenders, they have since moved on to multiple types of kitchen appliances.

For example, they produced this great coffee grinder that costs just over $160. What sets this one apart from others like it?

Fully Programmable Controls

The programmable controls of the Cuisinart DGB-900 BC make it easy for a wide variety of people to use. For example, you can program it to automatically shut off when it is done or set the “brew-pause” function that makes it easier to control when your coffee is brewed.

Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel

The thermal carafe included with each model of this coffeemaker is temperature-controlled to maintain a high level of heat. It can also hold up to 12 cups of coffee, making it perfect for on-the-go coffee drinking. Ideal for those tough mornings when you can’t seem to get going.

Automatic Burr Grinder

The burrs of a coffee machine are crucial for getting the grind quality that you crave. Thankfully, this machine has a stainless steel burr grinder with an eight-ounce bean hopper that can hold a fat level of beans. This hopper gives you the grinding control you deserve.

Strength Selector

Before grinding or brewing your coffee, make sure to set the potency to an appropriate level. This model has three different coffee strengths: strong, medium, or mild. Select which one you want, and you can enjoy your coffee.

#3: DeLonghi America KG521 Dedica

DeLonghi is a New Jersey-based appliances firm that produces convection ovens, kettles, toasters, deep fryers, indoor grills, food processors, and more. However, they are primarily focused on creating great coffee and espresso makers.

To many in the business, they are quickly becoming the standard bearer for these machines, particularly in the restaurant business. However, their coffee grinders are increasingly popular on the residential market, as homeowners discover their many benefits.

Here’s a few features that help explain why they are becoming popular with a growing number of people.

Multiple Coffee Grind Settings

Are you looking to get the fine powder necessary for espresso? Then this DeLonghi is the coffee machine for you! It has 18 different settings, including drip coffee, pour-over, and French press. These settings make it a great tool for many different situations.

Digital LCD

Control your coffee grinding and brewing options with this simple-to-understand LCD. It has large buttons that are easy to read and use. It is also bright enough to serve as a convenient night light in the kitchen for late night snacks.

Portafilter Adapter

With the included adapter stored in the integrated drawer, it is easy to pour recently ground coffee directly into a portafilter. This adapter makes it easier for you to enjoy the kind of quality that you want to enjoy and when you want to enjoy it.

High-Capacity Grind

While it is possible to grind single cups with the porta-filter, the capacity of this coffee machine is not limited to just one cup. You can grind and brew up to 14 cups of coffee at once. This volume is perfect for those who want to use their machine as a professional grinder or for when you have a larger number of visitors.

Multiple grind settings, a high-quality build, and a variety of storage features help make this an excellent coffee machine for the grinding enthusiast. It is especially useful for anyone who is looking to grind their coffee on a professional level.

#4: Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-Cup Automatic

It’s best to start this review by mentioning what sets the Cuisinart Grind & Brew apart from the Cuisinart mentioned above. Beyond its price ($123) being a little lower, it still has a variety of helpful features that make it stand out from its many competitors on the market.

For example, it has a nice ergonomic handle and a dripless spout that protect you from accidental spills. But how else does it stand apart from other Cuisinart grinders? Read on to find out!

Charcoal Filter

Charcoal is a surprisingly great material for filtering liquids and other items. The included charcoal filter with this Cuisinart grinder will significantly increase the taste of your coffee by eliminating water impurities and making it easier to get the purest and most delicious coffee possible.

Gold Tone Commercial Filter

When your coffee moves through a gold tone commercial filter, it will come out on the other side more delicious than it went in. Gold tone filters set the business standard for quality coffee, and when they are included on a grinder and coffee maker, they set it apart from any competitors by creating the best possible coffee for your money.

12-Cup Automatic Brewing

Brewing a large amount of coffee is appropriate in situations when you have a lot of visitors or if you are using your machine commercially. With a 12-cup volume, this Cuisinart coffee grinder and brewer is an excellent choice for people who fit that particular bill.

Four-Cup Brewing Setting

While this machine has the high volume of others, it can brew at a small volume level of up to four cups. This setting makes it more suitable to those who enjoy a single cup of coffee in the morning or for when a small number or friends come over, and you want to entertain them.

While this grinder and brewer has many of the same features that set apart its sister mills, it also has a few items that set it apart. Try it out if you are interested in either high or low-capacity coffee grinding. You won’t be disappointed with what you get.

#5: Cuisinart DGB-550BK

Last, but not least, is one more Cuisinart, the DGB-550BK. What could set this model apart from the others on this list? One of the most distinct advantages of this grinder is its price.

At just $70, it is inexpensive, yet a high-quality, grinder and brewer.  It also has a few features that make it a little different from others like it on the list.

Here is why you aren’t selling yourself short if you buy this inexpensive little unit and install it in your kitchen or even your commercial business.

24-Hour Programming

Do you want a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning? You can easily program the DGB-550B to grind and brew a pot of coffee for you even before you wake up. With skilled programming, you may even be able to have the pot ready and warm the moment you wake up!

Whole Bean Grinding

Unlike some grinders, which focus on partial-bean grinding, this model uses whole beans. Whole beans produce better coffee because you will squeeze as much out of it as possible. You can grind your beans at any time, including earlier in the day or right before you brew. Grinding earlier ensures you always have beans available for brewing.


Are you worried about leaving your machine on overnight? Never fear, as this model includes an auto-shutoff feature. With settings between 0-4 hours, it will turn off to protect your home from excessive electrical bills, accidental brews, spills, and even potential fires.

Dripless Pour Spout

Pouring coffee all over yourself when using a grind and brew coffee machine is always a frustrating situation. However, the dripless pour spout of this model makes that practically impossible. It will prevent spills and drips and keep your table (and your lap) free from hot coffee.

Just like any Cuisinart, this model has a lot to offer those who purchase it. The best part about it is probably the price, as $70 is a small price to pay for a model with all these great features. Head down to your local appliance dealer to try one out and see just how much you enjoy it.

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